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Top Tips for Keeping Seniors in Tip-Top Shape

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Seniors are capable of maintaining and even improving their health by seeing doctors regularly and making daily life adjustments.

As we age, our physical health begins to decline. Illnesses, injuries, and diseases all take their toll over the years, and it can be a little too easy to fall into a pattern of unhealthy habits due to pain and fatigue that makes everyday life difficult. As you pass retirement age, you might feel like your prime is long gone, but it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself on a more significant level, strengthening your body, and achieving overall better health.

Go to Your Annual Wellness Exam

According to Banner Health, 10% fewer adults have annual contact with their doctors than children. As part of your Medicare coverage, you have access to a free Annual Wellness Exam that is critical for ongoing health management. Every senior with a Medicare plan should be taking advantage of this visit to discuss their health with their primary care doctor and go over a plan to keep their mind and body in tip-top shape.

Vision & Dental

Many seniors fail to get adequate vision and dental care, often due to the cost of insurance. With a Medicare Advantage plan, these services are covered so that you can keep your eyes and teeth in good shape. These are vulnerable parts of the body that require a lot of care, so it’s important to have them checked regularly and get advice on how to keep them in top form, slowing degradation as much as possible.

Take Care of Your Body Every Day

Ensuring that you’re getting the medical attention you need is only one part of the equation for good health. The other part of staying healthy is making healthy choices that benefit your mind and body each day.

First, there’s exercise. We’re constantly reminded how good exercise is for us, but it can be difficult to fit it into your schedule when things are busy. It doesn’t have to take a long time or put a lot of stress on your body—choose easier options such as swimming or a short walk in the fresh air. Outdoor activities are an excellent way to get daily exercise because they give you a chance to work out, which benefits your physical body, while being outside in nature is well-known for providing mental health benefits. 

In addition to getting physical exercise, you should take the time to check in on your diet and make changes where needed. Getting more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats in your diet can provide a boost to your immune system and keep your body healthier. A healthy, balanced diet can also offer more energy which helps your body feel better and makes daily exercise easier and more enjoyable.

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