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Tips on How to Advocate for Aging Parents

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It’s not always easy to advocate for our aging parents, but it’s important for keeping them safe and helping them maintain their dignity and quality of life.

As our parents get older, they often need more and more help to stay on top of some things. In addition to needing a helping hand with regular tasks, they often succumb to other issues that may go unnoticed for some time without the appropriate diligence. It often happens that the only person in an aging parent’s corner is their children, so being their advocate is important. There are a few things to keep in mind to make things easier for yourself and your elderly parent.

Close Observation

Keeping a close eye on your parent and their behaviors is easier if they live with you, but many parents want to maintain a level of independence and choose to continue to live on their own. If this is the case, observing your parent and their mannerisms becomes a bit more difficult but also much more important. Elderly adults who live alone can succumb to depression and loneliness, show undetected signs of dementia, or start to struggle to care for themselves when no one is around. Keep close tabs on their mobility, signs of a decline in mental health, changes in physical appearance such as weight loss, and any other changes that could be signs of a bigger problem going on.

Professional Assessment

If you do detect signs of struggle with your aging parent, it might be beneficial to have a professional assessment done. These can help you determine if your parent needs in-home care, which can be covered through Medicare and Medicaid. These help to determine if your aging parent needs more help in their everyday life and would benefit from a caregiver that can assist them in everyday tasks, get them to appointments, and keep track of their medications and other health-related tasks.

Healthcare Management

The elderly are often heavily medicated, sometimes over-medicated, and they don’t always know whether they need everything they’re being given. In addition, their vulnerability can leave them susceptible to improper or inappropriate care when they are visiting doctors and specialists. The COVID-19 pandemic made it more difficult to keep a close eye on healthcare professionals and make sure your aging parent is being cared for properly, but as restrictions are being lifted and video calls are becoming more common, it’s a good idea to be present if you feel it is necessary to ensure that your parent is getting what they need for their health. Help keep track of issues, medications, and appointments. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify reasons for any care or medications your parent is receiving.

Talk to Them

The worst thing you can do when acting as an advocate for your aging parent is to treat them like they’re your children. They are losing their independence, and it can be stressful and frustrating for everyone involved. It’s important to remember that your parent is a grown adult who has had their independence for most of their life, and they want to maintain their dignity and lifestyle as much as possible, even as things get increasingly difficult. Include your parent in every decision and never make them feel incapable or burdensome.

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