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Staying Healthy This Winter

Aging Benefits Advisory Healthy Winter

Winter brings with it several viral and bacterial infections that can have a significant effect on the elderly, so remember to protect yourself this season.

The winter months are a dangerous time for the elderly and immunocompromised due to the significantly higher risk of contracting influenza and the Covid virus. While young and healthy individuals don’t need to be overly cautious about catching the common cold or even Covid, the same just isn’t true for the elderly and immunocompromised. A weakened immune system can make these infections become very serious very quickly, and possibly even life-threatening. Keeping yourself protected and healthy is absolutely critical, and it requires some important steps. 

Get Vaccinated

The first step in keeping yourself healthy during the winter season is getting your flu and Covid vaccinations as soon as possible. These vaccines are available to protect you from these dangerous viruses, and they’re always being updated for maximum efficiency. Getting vaccinated does not guarantee that you will not catch the flu or Covid and completely avoid getting sick during the winter, but it does greatly reduce your risk.


Flurona—catching the flu and Covid at the same time—is a new kind of danger that everyone, especially the elderly or those who are immunocompromised, needs to be aware of. A U.K. study determined that patients infected with both Covid and the influenza virus simultaneously were more likely to be hospitalized, require ventilation, and potentially pass away in the hospital. This is another critical reason to get both vaccines this year and protect yourself throughout the winter season against both of these viruses.

Mask Up

After nearly three years of the pandemic, many people are sick of wearing masks everywhere they go. While the majority of people are now choosing to ditch the mask, the elderly or immunocompromised should continue to wear them—especially when spending time out of the home for several hours, going to busy shopping areas, or taking public transportation. The mask should be tight-fitting, such as N95, KN95, or KF94. 

Ask for Antivirals

If you do happen to contract the Covid virus, request antivirals. Early detection and a fast response with antivirals can greatly decrease the risk of hospitalization and loss of life. Unfortunately, these are sometimes criminally underutilized, leaving vulnerable populations to bear the burden. Make sure to specifically request antiviral medications to ensure that you can gain access to them and protect yourself from a more serious response.

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