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Physical Fitness: Why it’s Critical For Aging Adults

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Physical fitness is important for everyone, but it is especially critical for aging adults that want to stave off illness and maintain their independence.

It has been drilled into us throughout our entire lives—physical fitness is critical for your overall health. Unfortunately, many of us fall off the wagon as we go about our lives. Between our jobs, managing our families, dealing with limiting health issues, and even getting older, it can prove difficult to maintain a pattern of regular physical activity. It is important, however, for aging adults to make the time because staying fit will improve your life in many ways.

Health is the Cornerstone of Your Day-to-Day Life

If you are feeling fatigued or listless, it’s easy to blame it on a lot of different things—you might think you’re just not getting enough restful sleep, or maybe you figure that being tired all the time just comes with getting older. While these can be factors, the reality is that managing and maintaining your health and fitness will go a long way in battling constant fatigue and general feelings of not being at 100%. You shouldn’t have to limit your experiences and activities, even after you’ve passed the age of 65. Getting regular exercise will ensure that you’re always ready for your next adventure. After all, you’ll need to keep up with those rowdy grandkids somehow!

Finding Ways to Engage in Fitness & Wellness Slows Degradation

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that regular physical activity can actually prevent or delay many of the common health problems that tend to affect older adults. While this includes physical issues such as joint pain and stiffness, it also helps with more serious physical conditions as well as your mental health. It has been proven time and again that regular physical activity can lower your risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and others. According to The Alzheimer’s Society, regular physical activity has been shown to lower the risk of developing dementia by 30%—for Alzheimer’s itself, the risk is reduced by 45%. A healthy body supports a healthy mind, and regular physical activity can also do a lot for your day-to-day mental health by staving off common issues found in older adults such as depression and anxiety.

Staying Fit Can Keep You Independent Longer

It’s common to associate getting older with getting weaker and eventually being forced to accept the fact that you can’t be independent forever. Whatever your long-term situation is, the thought of losing one’s independence is enough to make just about anyone shudder. Many older adults worry about losing their agency and their dignity while in the hands of a retirement home, nursing facility, or even family. Staying fit may not keep you independent forever, but it will help you maintain your independence for a lot longer so that you can keep living your life your way.

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