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Incoming 2023 Medicare Changes to Watch For


Aging Benefits Advisory 2023 Medicare Changes

There are a few changes coming to Medicare in 2023 that will begin the process of making healthcare easier to acquire and more affordable than ever for policyholders.

Medicare is making a lot of changes in 2023. While some changes are fairly small, such as offering shingles vaccines for free, several other changes are quite significant. Keeping an eye on Medicare and how the landscape of senior healthcare is changing is critical—it allows policyholders to determine what they need from their insurance and what changes they may need to make to ensure they are able to access everything they need at an affordable price.

Capped Insulin Copays

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, 2023 will be a time when Medicare policyholders can begin to receive their insulin at a much more affordable price. This new system caps the cost of a month’s supply of insulin at $35—a benefit that is offered even before policyholders have met the annual Part D deductible. Policyholders who use an insulin pump under the Medicare Part B durable medical equipment benefit will still be able to utilize the $35 cap, and they will not be charged a deductible under this new plan.

One caveat of this change is that it only applies to insulin that is covered by your Medicare policy, so make sure you’re getting the appropriate insulin and that your policy covers its costs in order to enjoy the insulin copay cap.

Drug Price Negotiations

This year, Medicare will begin talks with drug companies to negotiate appropriate prices for drugs that are covered under Medicare. This is the first step in getting the cost of prescription drugs under control for Medicare policyholders so they can keep more money in their pockets each month. These negotiations will be going on for several years and won’t take immediate effect, but they’re paving the way for Medicare beneficiaries to have an easier time covering the costs of their medications.

In addition to these talks, Medicare is taking the lead in keeping drug costs under control by requiring significant fines for any drug company that prices its medications above the rate of inflation.


According to the AARP, the Medicare Part B deductible will be reduced to $226 this year. It’s only a $7 decrease, but it saves policyholders $84 per year, providing a little bit of relief.

Unfortunately, the Part A deductible is increasing. The deductible is now $1,600 in 2023, as compared to $1,556 in 2022. For policyholders that have a Part A premium, this is also increasing to $506. 

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