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How to Maintain Your Mental Health

Aging Benefits Advisory Mental Health

Caring for your mental health is important, so use some of these strategies to maintain a healthy mental state.

Mental health is always important, no matter what your age is. However, the elderly are at risk of mental health struggles due to various factors. For those who remain independent, the signs and symptoms of common issues such as anxiety and depression may go unnoticed for a long time until they start to become severe. Due to this risk, it’s always important to take steps to maintain a healthy state of mind.

Physical Activity

You know the saying: “Healthy body, healthy mind.” It’s not just an inspirational quote—it’s based on research and facts. If you treat your body with kindness and take the time to engage in physical activity, you will experience higher morale and a better mental state overall. Some great low-impact exercises that anyone can enjoy include walking, swimming, cycling, and getting on an elliptical. Don’t just exercise to exercise, though. Make it fun!

Mandatory Fun

Schedule fun time for yourself. After retirement age, this can sometimes be easier. However, that’s not always the case. Things get busy, even after retirement, and you might start to neglect your need for fun time that allows you a chance to de-stress. Something that’s great about mandatory fun time is that you can tie it into two other great ways to improve your mental state: get some exercise and spend time with close family or friends.

You can take this time to engage in a new physical activity that you want to try, or go back to one that you enjoyed in your younger years and want to revisit. Things like dancing, kayaking, cycling, and hiking are all great ways to do something fun that is also physical. As an added bonus, invite some family and friends to join you!

Stay Close to Others

Maintaining strong, loving relationships is another great way to improve your mental health. Don’t rely on a few family members to always keep your spirits up, though. It’s important to foster new friendships and meet people in ways that are comfortable for you. Introverts might struggle with this, but it’s important to get out of the house for a while each week and socialize. Plan activities and get-togethers to maintain your friendships and get out of your home for a while.


It might sound corny, but mindfulness is good for the mind. Use meditation as an opportunity to enjoy some peace and give yourself some much-needed affirmation. Meditation is kind of like a detox for your brain—it helps you identify negative thoughts and feelings and employ mindfulness and breathing practices to help you calm your mind and center your mood. There’s no one right way to meditate, either. Look for ways that work for you and your lifestyle. While one person might meditate right after they get up in the morning, another might choose to set aside a few minutes at a time throughout the day to help them reset.

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