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Early Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

Aging Benefits Advisory Early Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

Some of the early warning signs of hearing loss aren’t always easy to notice, so it’s important to pay close attention and seek help if you suspect your hearing is going.

As our bodies age, our faculties often start to fail us. When your vision starts to fail, it’s obvious that you’re not able to see as well as you used to. It is often not as easy to notice when your hearing is starting to go, though. Knowing some of the early warning signs of hearing loss can hopefully help you catch the issue earlier and seek professional help when necessary.


If it is starting to seem like everyone is mumbling when they talk, this may actually be one of the early warning signs of hearing loss. When you begin to lose your hearing, some sounds become more difficult to differentiate. According to the AARP, the first ones to go are most consonant sounds, as well as ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ sounds. 

Phone Calls

For anyone experiencing the beginning stages of hearing loss, phone calls can become significantly more difficult. Phones tend to distort sound, and you’re only using one ear while you’re talking on it. If you’re using the ear that’s more affected by hearing loss, you might struggle to hear anything at all. 


When you’re trying to hold a conversation in a crowded room with multiple other conversations going on, it takes a lot of concentration to tune out the extra noise and focus on what is being said directly to you. One of the early warning signs of hearing loss is a diminished ability to filter out all of that extra noise, making it harder to hold a conversation when you’re in a crowded room or area.

TV Volume

Do people often walk into the room and make comments about how loud the TV volume is while you’re watching it? This is one of the more common and easily noticeable early warning signs of hearing loss. You likely don’t even notice how loud it is when you’re watching alone, so this might not be pointed out until you try to watch a show or movie with someone else.


If you’re struggling to keep up with conversations and are prone to becoming distracted more easily, this is just another one of the early warning signs of hearing loss. It takes a decent amount of concentration to hold a conversation when you can hear perfectly well, but it’s a much bigger challenge when you can’t understand what someone is saying.

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