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Don’t Forget Your Yearly Medicare Review

Aging Benefits Advisory Yearly Medicare Review

It’s important to do a yearly Medicare review if you want to make adjustments to your Medicare plan for any reason.

Autumn is a lovely time of year—the falling leaves, the onset of cooler weather, the warm blankets coming out of the closet, and the wardrobe change over to comfy sweaters and fashionable scarves all make for a cozy season that’s fun and brisk. It can also be a very busy season—one of the responsibilities on your list, if you are currently enrolled in Medicare, is to do your yearly Medicare review. This is important because Medicare plans go through changes each year, and you need to know how those changes will affect you and your insurance coverage so you can make changes to your plan if necessary.

Notices Begin in September

During September and early October, you should begin receiving notices about upcoming changes to your Medicare plan. Take the time to carefully review these changes, so you understand how your particular needs will be affected. If you have questions, you can call Medicare or speak to a consultant in person, such as the advisors at Aging Benefits Advisory. It can be helpful to have someone who understands your situation and the nuances of Medicare answer your questions and make sense of the changes happening to your insurance plan and coverage.

Open Enrollment Starts October 15th

Beginning on October 15th, open enrollment becomes available—this only pertains to anyone who has decided they want to adjust or switch their plan in light of the coming changes to their current one. An Open Enrollment Form will be available to fill out during this time that will allow you to submit any changes you wish to make. You can join, drop, or switch any portion of your current coverage during this period in order to ensure you continue getting the care and coverage you need.

Enrollment Ends Around December 7th

Less than 2 months after open enrollment begins, it comes to an end on December 7th. This is the benchmark for when all Open Enrollment Forms need to be submitted so that your coverage can be adjusted appropriately before January 1st, when the policy changes come into effect. It’s important to stay on top of getting this form completed and turned in on time so that your changes will be ready at the start of the new year and you aren’t left with coverage that is either too much or too little for your needs.

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